For the week of February 4th

First, some logistical points:

  • Please sign up for the class text message service if you haven’t yet. Details are on the syllabus or here (PDF):BlkComm_R101invite
  • Also, subscribing to the website updates (see box on the right of the page) will get you notifications as soon as I do a new post
  • Lastly, Revolution Books will be here on Tuesday for those who want to buy books then. You’ll need the book for next week.
  • Note: I’ve asked the Rev Books people to do a short talk on their campaign opposing police stop and frisk in Harlem.

    For class next week:

  • First, have a full copy — print or otherwise — with you in class of the current Amsterdam News. (January 31- Feb 6th edition; cover story is “Playing Together”.) Read through the paper and read choose at least one story to do a short oral presentation on to the rest of the class. It should be a local, national, or international news, not sports or entertainment story. Identify key issues the story discusses that are issues in the Black community and/or your work with an organization or group. How should they react? What response would you suggest? How does this affect our work in the community as organizers? Each week, we’ll start the class with a go-round of the stories you choose. Also: in addition to your story, be sure to read Amadi Ajamu’s “Racism and the Central Park Five” story on page 6 in preparation for our guest speaker later this semester.
  • Next is a reading from the Midwest Academy: “What is an Organizer”. Read the first half of it (you can skip the personal narrative of Cesar Chavez). PDF file here (Link opens as a PDF.)
  • Also read Mao Zedong’s “Where Do Correct Ideas Come From?” Think about the relationship he sets out between theory and practical experience. How does this affect the way we might operate in the community?
  • Finally e-mail me either what organization/group you’re planning to work for, what issue(s) they work on, and where (which community) or if you’re undecided, make up a short list (as we started to do in class) of community issues you might want to work on/ be involved in.
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