For February 14th: guest speaker Dr. James McIntosh

First, some announcements:

  • First, remember that while Tuesday is a holiday and we do not meet, we meet this Thursday the 14th, which is a Tuesday schedule in CUNY. Same time as usual.
  • Another reminder to sign up for the class text message service if you haven’t yet. Details are on the syllabus or here (PDF):BlkComm_R101invite
  • For class next week:

  • First, as always, have a full copy — print or otherwise — with you in class of the current Amsterdam News. Because we meet on Thursday, we will discuss the edition that came out on February 7th, with the cover story on Medgar Evers College. Obviously, read this story! Choose one other story to do a short oral presentation on to the rest of the class. It should be a local, national, or international news, not sports or entertainment story. Identify key issues the story discusses that are issues in the Black community and/or your work with an organization or group. How should we react? What response would you suggest? How does this affect our work in the community as organizers?
  • Next Read chapters 1 (“What is Power?”) and 11 (“Ideology and the Legitimization of Dominance”) in Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power and bring the book with you. (You can scan/copy the pages if you don’t want to carry the entire book, but you must be able to refer to it in class.)
  • This week’s special guest speaker is Dr. James McIntosh, who is co-chair of CEMOTAP (The Committee to End Media Offensive to African People) and member of BEPAA (the Board of Education for People of African Ancestry), which runs the Dr. John Henrik Clarke House in Harlem.Dr_Mc
  • Finally e-mail me either what organization/group you’re planning to work for, what issue(s) they work on, and where (which community) or if you’re undecided, make up a short list (as we started to do in class) of community issues you might want to work on/ be involved in.
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