Tuesday 3/5: Guest Speaker Cleo Silvers on health care organizing in the Black community

This week we’ll hear from Cleo Silvers on her experience as an organizer. Cleo was a member of the Black Panther Party and Young Lords in New York City and part of the group that successfully took over Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx to demand better conditions for patient care and replacement of the 100-year-old buildings that had been condemned. Guests are welcome. See the about page for course location and time.

For those in the class, bring your copy of the current Amsterdam News as usual and read the following. All are PDF files on the Readings page. See your syllabus for or e-mail me for the password if you’ve forgotten. (Hint: what year is it?)

  • “Original Panther Cleo Silvers spreads knowledge at City College” from the Amsterdam News. This will give you a short intro to our speaker.
  • Mickey Melendez’s “‘The Butcher Shop’: Lincoln Hospital” from his book We Took the Streets. Melendez describes the Lords’ role in the Lincoln takeover, the politics behind it, and how they worked with the community. Think about these things as you read: how do the Lords work with the people in the hospital, community members, and manage the situation? How does them being part of an organization help their role?
  • Finally, read an excerpt from Alondra Nelson’s Body and Soul on the Black Panther Party’s community health programs.
  • Cleo Silvers. Photo credit: Thomas Good. Wiki Commons.

    Cleo Silvers. Photo credit: Thomas Good. Wiki Commons.

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