Tuesday 10/22: Bases of Power

Before we get to the assignment, some announcements:

  • We don’t have class next Tuesday (the 15th), which is a Monday schedule throughout CUNY. Class-wise, do whatever you normally do on Monday on that day….
  • Remember to send me details of your community service work if you haven’t already. I just need the organization’s name, what sort of work they do, and what you’ll be doing for now.
  • Our first assignment is due on 10/22 when we return. Details are here: PDF Download
  • The Women’s Forum is accepting applications for $10,000 scholarships for undergrad women who are NYC residents over 35. Full details at their website or contact Gloria Figueroa in Shuster 205 (Gloria [dot] Figueroa [at] lehman.cuny.edu).

    For Tuesday, October 22nd, read Chapter 2 (“Bases of Power: Organization and Ethnic Resources”) in Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power. As usual, we will begin class with a brief look at news stories in this week’s Amsterdam News. Bring your print copy of the paper and report on one news story to the rest of the class.

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