Tuesday 11/19: guest speaker Nellie Bailey on gentrification

toles_gentrification_comic1As usual, we’ll start the next class with discussion of important news stories in the current Amsterdam News, so have yours with you and be prepared to discuss an important story of the week.

nellie_baileyThis week, our scheduled guest speaker is Nellie Bailey of the Harlem Tenants’ Council, who will talk about the political economy of gentrification in the Black community, using Harlem as a case study.

Watch this short YouTube documentary on the gentrification of Harlem featuring Nellie Bailey. It deals with the issues of Columbia University’s expansion plan, development and growth, and displacement of long-time residents.

Listen to this WNYC Radio report on the legacy of the Bloomberg administration’s housing policy and affordability:
“As Bloomberg Built Affordable Housing, City Became Lass Affordable”

Read this story from the New York Times on Black population loss in New York City:
“New York City Losing Blacks, Census Shows”

Remember that there’s an assignment due at the end of the week. Details on the Assignments page.

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