Tuesday 10/26: The Racial Wealth gap


As usual, we’ll start the next class with discussion of important news stories in the current Amsterdam News, so have yours with you and be prepared to discuss an important story of the week.

Read United for a Fair Economy’s “State of the Dream Report, 2013” (PDF Download). It’s a 28-page PDF file. You do not need to bring Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power this week. The report focuses on the connection between housing and wealth in the US and disparities that correlate with race. Pay special attention to the following sections of the PDF report:

  • Executive Summary and recommendations. This is a quick overview of the report itself. Think about the recommendations. Do they seem sensible? How might they impact the Black community?
  • Introduction. pay special attention to Box 1,3, and 4 (“The Racial Wealth Divide: A History of Injustice”, “Tax, Race, and Wealth”, and “Are We Colorblind?”). How does this relate to the issues Wilson has raised and our discussion last week on housing and gentrification?

    Also see UFFE’s infographic on the subject of fair housing and wealth:


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