Tuesday December 10th: Presentations


Photo: Kwame Ture teaches the people.

Tuesday 12/10 is our last formal class meeting of the semester and will be devoted to presentations on your research projects. We’ll also have an informal party: I’ll provide some nice pizza; y’all can handle drinks, snacks, etc. You do not need to bring Blueprint for Black Power or the current Amsterdam News since we won’t have time for either.

The presentation order is as follows: 1) Sylvisha 2) Grace 3) Vernessa 4) Penelope 5) Raquel 6) Deborah

Here are some logistical considerations:

  • I will provide a laptop that can handle PowerPoint and Prezi files. Download and save Prezi or Google Presentation files. If you want to use Apple’s Keynote, you must let me know or convert them to PowerPoint.
  • Carefully review the assignment sheet and pay attention to your time. We need to get through all the presentations, so I’ll have to stop you if you begin to go too long.
  • Practice your presentation beforehand and go through your slides and main points
  • Save your presentation to a USB drive and create a backup online. Google Drive, Dropbox, Sugarsync, and other services let you store files in the cloud, which protects you against a lost USB drive.
  • Do not count on having working internet in the classroom. Save the presentation on a USB drive; count on your online backup only if the drive fails. If you want to use YouTube video, download it with Keepvid or by other means.
  • See this guide from the Lifehacker blog for tips on presentations
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