For Tuesday, April 1st: Consciousness, class, race, and power

Next week (Tuesday March 25th), we do not meet as a class, but instead I’ll schedule short individual meetings to see where you are with the fieldwork placements. We’ll either find you something or we’ll have a brief report of how things are going if you already have a placement.

As usual, we’ll start the next class with discussion of important news stories in the current Amsterdam News, so have yours with you and be prepared to discuss an important story of the week.

Read Chapters 4 (“Consciousness and Power”) and 7 (“Class, Race, and Power in America”) in Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power.

Questions to think about as you read:

  • What is the importance of consciousness to power?
  • What relationship does Wilson draw between race, class, and institutional power in the US?
  • What institutions does Wilson argue are the transmitters of power?
  • Also, I gave out the the assignment for the short paper. It is also on the Assignments page as a PDF download.

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