For Thursday 2/26: Field Trip to Clarke House

Clarke_HouseThis week, we’ll take a field trip to an important community institution in Harlem, “Clarke House”, named in honor of the great Pan-African scholar and former Hunter College profesor Dr. John Henrik Clarke and run by the Board of Education for People of African Ancestry (BEPAA). Class meets offsite at the Clarke House: 286 Convent Ave (near 141 St.) Manhattan. It’s accessible by the A,B,C, and D trains to 145th St; B,C trains to 135th; 1 train to 137th and Broadway; or M100, 101 buses, which stop a block away on Amsterdam Avenue. (Convent Ave is between Amsterdam and St. Nichloas Aves. The lettered trains run on St. Nick)

Class will start promptly at 6:30 to allow you enough time to get downtown. Please be on time!


Speakers will include:

  • Dr. James McIntosh, co-chair of CEMOTAP: the Committee to End Media Offensive to African People; member of the Board of Education for People of African Ancestry (BEPAA).
  • AdelaideSanford_rightrail_rdax_220x262Dr. Adelaide Sanford, former New York State Regent and board member of BEPAA. (See a fuller bio here.)

    To prepare for our trip and speakers, Read the following:

  • Saving the African American Child (PDF download), a 1984 Report of the National Alliance of Black School Educators, Inc. Taskforce on Black Academic and Cultural Excellence prepared by Dr. Smith and Dr. Barbara Sizemore.
  • Critique of the effect of Common Core Standards on children of African descent by Drs. Sam Anderson and Donald H. Smith. MS Word doc download.
  • As usual, read the latest copy of the Amsterdam News and bring a printed copy with you.
  • You do not need Blueprint for Black Power this week and can leave it at home.

    Watch Dr. Adeliade Sanford discuss her introduction to teaching Black children on the Ancestor House show.

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