Week of March 19th:

First, a reminder: I’m away at a conference next week, so we skip 3/12, but meet again on 3/19. because of that, there’s an extra chapter in Wilson, but they’re both short chapters. Use the time to do the reading, take good notes, and finish sorting out your fieldwork placement. For 3/19, we’ll start with our usual review of the AmNews. Read (at least) one news — not sports or entertainment — story carefully and report to the class. Here are questions you should ask to think critically:

  • What is the effect on the Black community?
  • How does it affect our work as organizers and how should we/our organizations respond?
  • What solutions can we collectively come up with?
  • Read chapters 2: (“Organization and Ethnic Resources”) and 7 (“Class, Race, and Power in America”) in Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power.

    Questions to think about as you read:

  • What role do social and political organizations have in developing a base of power?
  • Why is racial consciousness an important consideration?
  • What relationship does Wilson draw between race, class, and institutional power in the US?
  • What institutions does Wilson argue are the transmitters of power?
  • Also, if you haven’t yet picked out a place to do fieldwork each week, then send me an e-mail immediately, so we can get you placed somewhere since you’ll have to do some work to be able to complete the final projects for the class.

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