Thursday March 26: Power Processes of the Ruling Class/Market Myths

As usual, we’ll start the next class with discussion of important news stories in the current Amsterdam News, so have yours with you and be prepared to discuss an important story of the week.

Read Chapters 8 (“The Power Processes of the Ruling Class”) and 20 (“The Myth of the Market Economy”) in Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power. Edit 3/22: We’re only reading Chapter 8 in Wilson. Focus on that.

Questions to think about as you read.

  • What does Wilson mean by the ruling class?
  • How does the ruling class use legislation to consolidate its power?
  • What role do special interests and lobbyists play?
  • What’s the “government within a government” and what’s its role?
  • What relationship do Blacks have (as a group) to government process?
  • What are the shortcomings of reliance on the market economy?
  • How has this shortchanged the Black community throughout history?

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