Thursday April 27: Candidate Selection and Nation Within a Nation

Audio track: Amiri Baraka “It’s Nation Time” from Nation TimeBlack Forum Records (1970).

We’ve finally hit spring break! There are no classes on April 13 and April 20 is a Monday schedule in CUNY (PDF), so our next meeting is on the 27th. Enjoy the break!

Announcements: I gave out several assignments last Thursday: head over to the assignments page if you missed class. Specifically, there’s an interview of a senior member of the organization you’ve working with due Friday May 5 and the other two are the assignments for the final presentation and paper, due the last day of class and a week after class ends, respectively.

For Thursday April 27, We’ll begin with the Amsterdam News, as usual. Read two short chapters in Blueprint for Black Power. Chapter 10 deals with the candidate selection process for elected officials. Think about this in relation to the last two chapters focused on the process of influencing legislation and public policy. Read the subsection “The Need for a Black Political Party” (pp 216-219) slowly and carefully. Do you agree with his arguments here? How might you argue this in light of the current political situation and the upcoming fall elections?

In Chapter 21, Wilson makes the case for an African American nation within a nation. In this chapter, focus on the subsection “The Advantages of an Afrikan American Nation” (pp 509-510) and the last section “Econonic Proposal for the Arikan American Community” where he makes his economic proposal and sets up the following chapter (which we will not read) slowly and carefully.

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