Thursday May 11: The Crisis of Leadership

Roger Wareham of the December 12th Movement in class on May 4
First, thanks to Roger Wareham of the December 12th Movement for coming to speak about the organization and their work! See the schedule for events in Harlem on Malcolm X’s birthday (May 19) and the Black Power conference at the State Office Building on May 20 at their website. You can also download things to share on social media even if you can’t go. Also, here’s a PDF of their 25th anniversary journal with organization history and more.

For May 11, Read Chapter 31, “The Crisis of Leadership” in Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power: pages 824-859. No Amsterdam News this week (though you should be reading it anyway). We’ll also review some of the things for the final paper.
Here are some questions to guide your reading:

  • Why does Wilson argue that leadership is necessary?
  • What sort of leadership characteristics is he calling for?
  • Why the need (in Wilson’s mind) for Black Nationalist-oriented leaders?
  • Is Wilson right? What other leadership models do you think would be effective?

ANNOUNCEMENT: presentations have been moved from the last class day (May 18) to May 25, which is our scheduled final exam period. (See Lehman’s exam schedule here.) Same time/location as normal class. They should be done using PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, or similar visuals. You must be present and stay for the entire class on this day! Some additional resources for this will be on the Assignments page shortly. Also, we will not have class on May 18: that’s the evening of the department’s year-end awards.

Optional: See this article in Vice magazine about the new Jackson MS mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, the movement behind him, and the strategy of Malcolm X Grassroots Movement.

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