For May 18 and 25: Final Presentation and Papers/ Malcolm X Day events

(Updated 5/21/17 with presentation order)

First some logistical points.

There will be no class on Thursday May 18! The Africana Studies year-end event is that night from 6-9 PM in Music Building 330. Go there instead.

I will be on campus on the 18th for my afternoon class and office hours from 5-6. Stop by my office or email to set up a time to meet.

Thursday, May 25: [In final exam time period] will be our last class meeting from 6-9 PM in our usual classroom. All presentations will be done then.

Presentation Order is as follows:

People Power Movement:







Good Shepherd Services:




Youth At Risk:


Department of Youth Services:




Sidney Hillman Foundation:



Research papers due Friday May 26 by Midnight EST. There will be no extensions to this deadline at all.

Malcolm X birthday events

There are several annual the Malcolm X Day events in Harlem on May 19th, starting with a trip to his gravesite at Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale. Buses leave from the State Office Building in Harlem at 10 AM sharp (get there by 9:30) and return at about 2. (Details in the Facebook event page). There’s an entire ceremony that’s done at the gravesite. There’s a nominal donation asked for the buses.

The Black Power march along 125th St Roger Wareham mentioned in his visit led by the December 12th Movement that closes businesses along the street for several hours in memory and respect of Malcolm. It starts with a rally at the State Office Building at 12 noon and goes on for a few hours.

At 6 PM, there’s a cultural program at the State Office Building.

On Saturday, May 20, December 12 is sponsoring a Black Power Conference at All Souls Episcopal Church (88 St. Nicholas Ave @ 114th St In Harlem). It runs from 10 AM-5:30 PM. A full schedule is now posted on the D12 website.


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