For April 18: Sam Anderson on Black Education

Sam Anderson | Photo credit: Hank Williams

First, Wednesday April 11 is a Friday schedule in CUNY, so we don’t meet. However, former Black Panther Party member Ericka Huggins will be visiting Lehman on Wednesday April 11! The event’s from 4-5 PM in the Music Building’s Faculty Dining Room (right inside the main entrance on the first floor). Event flyer’s here (PDF).

We will have a presentation by author, education activist, and former Black Panther Dr. Sam Anderson on the 18th. Sam’s the author of The Black Holocaust for Beginners and his poetry’s included in the influential Black Arts Movement anthology, Black Fire! See Sam’s website for his more recent writings. He’s highly active with Black New Yorkers for Educational Excellence and one of the key organizers behind the National Black Educational Agenda Summit and many other issues.

Dr. Anderson will discuss the mission of Black educators and how he thinks Black education activists should be approaching the issues that face us at this moment.

To prepare for his talk, read “Saving the African American Child” (PDF) and [additional reading TBA]

Guests are welcome. The class meets in Lehman College’s Carman Hall, room 330, from 6-8:30 PM. Email the instructor for further details.

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