For April 25: Power Processes of the Ruling Class/Policy Formation Process

First, thanks to Sam Anderson for his talk on Black education for liberation this week! See more about Sam’s presentation at the National Black Education Agenda website

Note: all assignments have been posted on the assignments page if you’ve missed/misplaced any. The intro to your organization is due Thursday 4/18.

Read Chapter 8 (“The Power Processes of the Ruling Class”)  in Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power. (We’ll do chapter 9 on April 25th)

Presentation by: Jasmine and Chilee on Chapter 8

Questions to think about as you read:

What does Wilson mean by the ruling class?

  • How does the ruling class use legislation to consolidate its power?
  • What role do special interests and lobbyists play?
  • What’s the “government within a government” and what’s its role?
  • What relationship do Blacks have (as a group) to government process?

Focus on:

  • The “Special Interest Process,” “Second Government Within a Government,” and “Blacks and Government” subsections of chapter 8

Think about this in relation to your chosen fieldwork assignment via their funding source and how it might impact their work if they’re getting grants from foundations.


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