May 9: Chapters 10/31–Candidate Selection and Black Crisis of Leadership

Chapter 10 deals with the candidate selection process for elected officials. Think about this in relation to the last two chapters focused on the process of influencing legislation and public policy. Read the subsection “The Need for a Black Political Party” (pp 216-219) slowly and carefully. Do you agree with his arguments here? How might you argue this in light of the current political situation and the upcoming fall elections?

Presentation by Cheri & Lashawn on Chap. 10

Read Chapter 31, “The Crisis of Leadership” in Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power: pages 824-859. We’ll also review some of the things for the final paper.
 Here are some questions to guide your reading:
* Why does Wilson argue that leadership is necessary?
* What sort of leadership characteristics is he calling for?
* Why the need (in Wilson’s mind) for Black Nationalist-oriented leaders?

Pay particular attention to Wilson’s critique of assimilationalist and Black neo-Conservative  ideological orientations. Also pay attention to his critique and analysis of nationalism at the end of the chapter.

Reminder: assignments details for the final paper and presentation are now on the Assignments page as PDF downloads if you’ve misplaced your copy. Start looking at your fieldwork and begin taking notes. Begin reflecting on your experiences and organizing ideas.


* May 4 (Friday): Interview paper due
* May 9: Chapters 10 (Candidate Selection) and 31 (Leadership); Presentation by Cheri & Lashawn on Chap. 10
* May 16: Final class–Student Presentations (unchanged)

* May 23: Final Papers due

Announcements/Upcoming events:

May 19 is Malcolm X’s birthday and celebrated by two important community-wide events. First, there’s an annual pilgrimage to his gravesite at Ferncliff Cemetery that’s organized by the Sons and Daughters of Afrika and the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee. There’s a powerful ceremony at the grave. Buses leave from the State Office Building in Harlem at 9:45 AM sharp! They return around 2 PM. There’s a small donation. Details at their Facebook event page.

Later in the day, the December 12th Movement holds a rally at the same State Office Building at 12 noon and then a march across 125th St to close local businesses in observance of Malcolm’s birthday. Details at their Facebook event page or the December 12th website.

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