For February 20: Organization and Ethnic Resources/ Guest Speaker

We’ll start class with a talk from Lehman alum Lamont Oyewole Badru of the Yonkers Community Governance and Development Council. He’ll talk about his organization’s work, how they relate to the community, and his experience as an organizer. We then turn to Amos Wilson for the second half of class.

Read chapter 2: (“Organization and Ethnic Resources”) in Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power. You can skim the chapter intro, but pay special attention to his list of power resources on p. 28. Also pay special attention to the following subsections:

  • Organizations and Institutions as Power Sources
  • Sources of Organizational Power
  • Factors Affecting Group Power
  • Organizing for Black Power
  • The Afrikan American Nation Within a Nation

Think carefully about the points of strength Wilson suggests in having an organization and reflect on the current organization you’re with. Is it fully utilizing its strength and resources? What might they do differently?

Announcements: There are several important Black community events coming up:


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