Welcome to Spring 2020! Assignment for February 5th [UPDATED]

First, some logistical points:

  • Please remember to check the site weekly for reading assignments! Subscribing to the website updates (see box on the right of the page) will get you notifications as soon as I do a new post
  • Please pick up a copy of Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power at the Lehman bookstore or elsewhere. You’ll need the book for next week. It’s also on reserve at the library if you want to copy the assigned pages.
  • The publisher will visit class this week (2/5) and you can buy the textbook directly from him. The cost is $46 cash.

For Wednesday February 5th:

Read all of chapter 1 (“What is Power?”) and in Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black PowerSee the Readings page for a PDF of this chapter. [EDIT: better quality PDF posted Sat 2/1, 1 PM.] See your paper syllabus for the password. (Password hint: what year is it?)

Obviously, bring the book with you (or copy the assigned pages) and be prepared to discuss the relevant sections. Pay close attention to the following points:

  • In chapter 1: what different types of power are there? How are these used to enforce systems of domination?
  • Finally, e-mail me the following:
    • A short list (as we started to do in class) of community issues you might want to work on/ be involved in (about 2-3)
    • What geographical areas you can travel to. Be realistic here: there are neighborhoods you *might* want to be involved in, but are difficult to get to and you’ll end up not doing consistent work. Choose something you can stick to.
    • Begin to do some mapping and research of your own on a community organization that might be a good fit.
    • If you have some ideas in mind, send them to me along with a short description of the type of work the org does.

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