Spring 21 Session 3: The Crisis of Leadership


  • We’ll be back to our bi-monthly schedule starting with the next class
  • Look for an email from me to coordinate your fieldwork and for confirmation of your paired presentation

Highlights from 2/23 class: 

  • Signed up for in-class paired presentations
  • Reviewed chapter 3 (Social and Cultural Origins of Power)
    • Role of the church as an institution
    • Role of the family as a structure for building power
    • Role of socialization

For Tuesday March 9, Read Chapter 31, “The Crisis of Leadership” in Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power: pages 824-859. Here are some questions to guide your reading:

  • What are the key ideological orientations of leadership Wilson identifies?
  • What are the weaknesses/strengths of each?
  • How does Wilson define nationalism and what type does he call for?
  • Why the need (in Wilson’s mind) for Black Nationalist-oriented leaders?

Pay particular attention to Wilson’s critique of and analysis of nationalism at the end of the chapter in the section “Contemporary Black Nationalism: Absence of Organization, Creed, and Plans.” Think about (if?) this relates to the current situation more broadly and examples/evidence of these issues. Focus on this part and think about how this might apply to your organizations this semester. What parts of this do they do well? What do they do poorly? What might they do better?


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