For February 16th: Chapter 3–Social and Cultural origins of power

First, some logistical points:

  • Please remember to check the site weekly for reading assignments! Subscribing to the website updates (see box on the right of the page) will get you notifications as soon as I do a new post
  • Please pick up a copy of Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power. You have (at least) 3 options: 1) the Lehman bookstore has copies in stock 2) you can order directly from the Brooklyn-based publisher (link on the Books page) 3) on reserve at the library if you want to copy the assigned pages. You’ll need the book for next week and the rest of the semester.

For Wednesday February 16th:

  • Read chapter 3 (Social and Cultural Origins of Power) in Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power See the Readings page for a PDF of this chapter. Be prepared to discuss the relevant sections. Pay close attention to the following points:
  • How is power developed and transmitted socially and culturally?
  • How does Wilson argue that these methods can be used by the Black community?
  • What is the importance of consciousness to power?
  • What institutions does Wilson highlight as transmitters of power?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses Wilson presents about the church as an institution?
  • What is the role of the Nation of Islam in his view?
  • What is his prescription?

Also look over the list of approved organizations for fieldwork. Look carefully at their missions, descriptions, and type of work they do on their linked websites. Choose 2 different options. Alternately, begin looking for an organization that meets course guidelines on your own.




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