For March 16: Class, Race, and Power

Important announcements

  • Start working on your presentation of a chapter of Wilson with your partner (see updated sheet on the assignments page for the date/chapter/partner) and meet with your org if it’s already approved or finalize details if we’re still finding you a spot
  • We’ll be meeting alternate weeks during most of March/April to allow some extra time for fieldwork assignments. See schedule on the syllabus with any changes announced in class and posted in the weekly updates (like this one)
  • Classes are now archived on the archive page in case your Internet fails or you have to miss a session

Highlights from 3/9 class: 

  • COVERED chapter 31 (Crisis of Leadership) in Blueprint for Black Power

What to do for Wed. March 16: 

Read Chapter 7, “Class, Race, and Power in America” in Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power.

Presentation by Tishona and Katherlean

Here are some questions to guide your reading:

  • How does race and social class connect, according to Wilson?
  • What is the role of class consciousness?
  • Pay close attention to the “Preparing for Power” subsection in chapter 7. What social institutions transmit power?
  • What 4 processes does the ruling class use to dominate government?

Think about the institutional structures that Wilson argues the ruling class uses to transmit power and how parallel structures could be created. Think about how this might apply to your organizations this semester. What are they doing (or could they do) to create structures to increase the Black community’s power in society? How might we want their approach to be different from that of the institutions that currently hold power?



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