March 30: Power Process of the Ruling Class

Important announcements

  • Keep working on your presentation of a chapter of Wilson with your partner (see updated sheet on the assignments page for the date/chapter/partner) and meet with your org if it’s already approved or finalize details if we’re still finding you a spot
  • We’ll be meeting alternate weeks during most of March/April to allow some extra time for fieldwork assignments. See schedule on the syllabus with any changes announced in class and posted in the weekly updates (like this one)
  • Classes are now archived on the archive page in case your Internet fails or you have to miss a session
  • SCHEDULE UPDATE: we’re off next week (March 23) but will not have individual conferences scheduled as planned. Those will be the week of April 6 instead. You can, of course, drop in during my Zoom chat hours listed below or email me to meet during class time next week
  • Prof. Williams Zoom live chat hours: Tuesdays from 6-8 PM! on Zoom here. Or call: +1 929 205 6099 then add meeting ID: 528 450 5381
  • Medgar Evers College’s National Black Writers’ Conference runs from 3/30-4/2 and is running online this year via Zoom.  Details/ schedule/ registration here
  • Considering graduate school? Join one of the workshops by Lehman’s Pre-Graduate Advising Program or their weekly office hours. Details here

Highlights from 3/16 class: 

  • COVERED chapter 7 (Class, Race, and Power in America) in Blueprint for Black Power

No class meeting March 23: work on your chapter presentation and fieldwork assignment or finalize details if you haven’t yet

What to do for Wed. March 30: 

Read Chapter 8 (“The Power Processes of the Ruling Class”)  in Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power for our 3/30 Zoom meeting.

Presentation by Brianna and Joseph

Questions to think about as you read:

What does Wilson mean by the ruling class?

  • How does the ruling class use legislation to consolidate its power?
  • What role do special interests and lobbyists play?
  • What’s the “government within a government” and what’s its role?
  • What relationship do Blacks have (as a group) to government process?

Focus on:

  • The “Special Interest Process,” “Second Government Within a Government,” and “Blacks and Government” subsections of chapter 8

Think about this in relation to your chosen fieldwork assignment via their funding source and how it might impact their work if they’re getting grants from foundations.



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