Week 15: The Candidate Selection Process

Amiri Baraka at the 1972 National Black Political Convention in Gary IN

Important announcements

  • See the assignments page for posted instructions for the interview assignment due Monday May 1 and the final individual presentation on class on May 10
  • Important note on the interview assignment: multiple students working with the same organization can conduct a single interview but must write them up separately!
  • Keep working on your presentation of a chapter of Wilson with your partner (see updated sheet on the assignments page for the date/chapter/partner) and meet with your org if it’s already approved or finalize details if we’re still finding you a spot
  • Prof. Williams Zoom live chat hours: Mondays/Wednesdays from 4-5 PM! on Zoom here. Or call: +1 929 205 6099 then add meeting ID: 528 450 5381

Highlights from 4/19 class: 

  • Covered Wilson Chapter 9 (“The Policy Formation Process”)

What to do for Wed. May 3: 

Chapter 10 deals with the candidate selection process for elected officials. Think about this in relation to the last two chapters focused on the process of influencing legislation and public policy.

Read the subsection “The Need for a Black Political Party” (pp 216-219) slowly and carefully. Do you agree with his arguments here? How might you argue this in light of the current political situation and the upcoming fall elections?

Chapter presentation by Cynthia, Rio, Eric

Watch to the following 8-minute interview with Charles Barron (Go to the direct link on Youtube if you don’t see the video embedded below.) Think about how Barron approaches the electoral process and how it relates to Wilson’s vision in the chapter.


What’s next:

  • Wednesday May 10: Final class meeting. Student final presentations, reflection

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