Course Books


This course has one required book for Spring 2022:

power2Amos Wilson. Blueprint for Black Power: A Moral, Political, and Economic imperative for the Twenty-First Century. Afrikan World Info Systems: New York, 1998.

It’s (theoretically) available at the Lehman bookstore and also on reserve in the library. I recommend buying it directly from the publisher at their website for the list price of $48. Note: Best to just get it from the publisher if your online vendor of choice doesn’t have used copies at a reasonable price. The Lehman bookstore’s proven incompetent at ordering it in the past.




Recommended: weekly reading is also the Amsterdam News weekly newspaper. An understanding of what’s current in the Black world and community is essential to what we’re doing in this course. Copies are available locally at the newsstand at 2 E. Bedford Park Boulevard just east of Jerome Ave. It costs $1 a week and is published every Thursday. It tends to be available at subway newsstands on the “A” train line. AmNews_Cover

Recommended: The Final Call newspaper. This is published weekly on Tuesdays and covers national and world news. It is run by the Nation of Islam, but functions as much more than their own in-house publication. It is available at most of the subway newsstands on the 8th Ave line, the 125th St station on the Lexington Ave line, and select street newsstands. Ask for it!

The course book order has been placed with the Lehman College bookstore. Needless to say, you’re free to buy your course book wherever you want.