Spring 2021 Syllabus and Schedule

Spring 2021 syllabus. PDF download: AAS470_Fldwk_Spr21Syll

Spring 2021 Zoom meeting schedule

Zoom class session info: Meeting ID: 856 9120 4011 Passcode: 427610

Session 1: Power and organization

Tuesday, February 16: Wilson, Blueprint, chapters 1 (“What is Power?”) and 2 (“Organization and Ethnic Resources”)

Session 2: power’s social-cultural origins

Tuesday, February 23: Wilson, Blueprint, chapter 3 (“Social and Cultural Origins of Power”)

March-April: Fieldwork with selected community organization

 Session 3: Leadership and political orientation

Tuesday, March 9: Wilson, Blueprint, Chapter 31, (“The Crisis of Leadership”): pages 824-859.

Session 4: Class and power

Tuesday, March 23: Wilson, Blueprint, Chapter 7 (“Class, Race, and Power in America”)

CUNY Spring Break: March 27-April 4

 Session 5: Class and power

 Tuesday, April 6: Wilson, Blueprint, 8 (“The Power Process of the Ruling Class”)

Session 6: Formation of public policy

 Tuesday, April 20: Wilson, Blueprint, Chapter 9 (“The Policy Formation Process”)

 Session 7: Selection of political candidates

 Tuesday, May 4: Wilson, Blueprint, Chapter 10 (“The Candidate Selection Process”)

 Session 8: Final presentations and reflection

 Tuesday, May 11: Last class meeting. Final student presentations, reflection